3 European Events Everyone Should Experience

shopnflyEuropean adventures have always been a subject of fascination. Hollywood has embodied European travel as promiscuous and exciting through popular films such as “Euro trip.” To be honest, we do not disagree. Through adventures nearly all over the continent we can safely say Europeans know how to have a good time. A vast number of cultures interconnected by trains and scenic roads guarantee an exotic exploit for any type of traveler. However, due to budget restrictions there’s no way to experience it all. For this reason we have compiled three European events every traveler should experience before they kick the bucket. So crack open the piggy bank and prepare to contact your travel agent because these three events are adventures you’ll never forget.

1.Kings Day (Queens Day) – Holland

Holland has established its reputation of having one of the most unrestrained, liberal capitalsKings Day of the world. Citizens from all over make Amsterdam a travel destination for the beautiful architecture, welcoming coffee shops, and swanky boutique shopping. However not many travelers circle Kings Day on their calendar. For shame! Kings Day, formerly known as Queens Day, or as the Dutch call it Koninginnedag is a carnival-like celebration that consumes the capital from morning until late into the night. Party boats on the canals, concerts on the iconic Van Gogh Park, and special proceedings in the famous Amsterdam markets make this an occasion deserving of international acclaim. Locals and foreigners occupy virtually every inch of the city as loud music rumbles into the distance. As of 2013 Queens Day has been retitled Kings Day in accordance with Queen Beatrix resignation from the throne after 33 years of reign. Willem-Alexander has succeeded her as monarch of the Netherlands. Whether its Queens Day, or Kings Day, it’s a day everyone should look forward to, and experience at least once in their lives.

Oktoberfest2. Oktoberfest – Germany

Germany is known for many things, and while festivals are probably not one of them, beer definitely is. So the Germans played to their strength and established the largest beer festival in the world, attracting over six million people a year from every corner of the world to Munich, Germany. Pictures for this event don’t do it justice. Aside from the fun-filled drunken atmosphere, the exotic array of languages bustling from tent to tent should be enough of a reason to drop by Munich around late September. Scandalous waitresses roam the festival with delicious Bavarian brewed beer as authentic German music echoes throughout the city. The festival has a reputation of getting out of hand, even providing a lost and found for kids at different corners of the city. Cities all over the world offer imitation Oktoberfest’s but nothing beats the original, so if you were traveling through Europe around late September – Early October, you’d be smart to pass through Munich.

3. Bull Run – Pamplona, Spain

PamplonaSpain has a lot to offer, great food, incredible history, and of course host to two of the best football clubs in world (depends on your preference). However, travelers that are in search of an adrenaline rush might forgo the customary Madrid, Barcelona excursion. Pamplona, Spain is home to one of the most exciting events in the world. Thousands of traveler’s trek to Pamplona to participate in the annual “Bull Run.” The highlight of the San Fermin festival is enjoyed so much by Spaniards that the event has been televised for over 30 years. A double wooden fence is all that stands between eager spectators and ferocious bulls. Participants gather in the early hours of the morning and are alerted by a rocket set off at around 8 A.M. to notify them the corral gates have opened. Runners then sprint for their lives (literally) through an 820-meter course throughout parts of the old city. This event is not for the faint of heart, for unfortunately some participants are more in shape than others, but for those looking for a once in a lifetime experience, you have to run with the bulls.

Traveling Europe has something for everyone. Architecture, history, culture, art, and of course glamorous events. Regardless of your travel agenda and the type of traveler you think you are, the events mentioned are once in a lifetime experiences. So plan ahead, be adventurous and make sure you check these events off your bucket list before you kick the bucket.

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