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A Quick Guide To The Greek Islands

MykonosScattered between the coast of mainland Greece and the tip of Northern Africa, the Greek Islands have been popular holiday destinations for a wide range of holidaymakers.

Where are they?

The Greek Islands are dotted throughout the Aegean Sea, mainly off the south east of mainland Greece. They come in many shapes, sizes and geographical varieties and the people that visit them are as varied as the islands themselves. Whilst you can move between the islands, most people choose to stay on just one for the duration of their holiday. The islands are traditionally divided into seven groups: Cyclades, Aegean, Dodecanese, Sporades, Ionian, Argosaronic Gulf and Crete which, as a single island, is the largest in the group.

Elounda Gulf Villas and SuitesWhere can I stay?

Try a Greek Island holiday with a difference by choosing a boutique hotel. You can’t beat the individuality of these small, intimate hotels where detail is a primary consideration and the needs of the guest always come first. Try Elounda Gulf Villas and Suites on Crete, Katikies on Santorini and Ostraco Suites on Mykonos. These are all unique places to stay, offering the ultimate in quiet understated luxury.

Greek Islands Beaches


What can I see?

For most people, the attraction of the Greek Islands is the beaches. The quality and size of the beaches varies from island to island, as does the level of development in the main resorts. The sheer number of islands means that you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for; whether it’s 24-hour entertainment or a quiet relaxing break. For those that want to explore the islands’ culture, there are plenty of historical buildings, traditional villages and museums to visit.

Getting Around


How do I get around?

You can get to some of the islands such as Mykonos and Santorini by air, but most of the other islands are reached by ferry from Athens. The ferries are regular and there are ticket operators at the harbours, so you can also use them to visit other islands during your stay. To get around an island, you can hire a car or a bike, or use the local bus system. There are no train services once you’re off the mainland. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, hire a sailing boat and navigate your own way around the islands.

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Top 4 Tourist Cities in Greece

by Abhinav Kumar

Greece is a scenic country located at the crossroads of Europe, Western Asia and Africa. This particular position gives it an uninterrupted access to a wide range of cultures that reflects on its rich history. The landscape is mountainous, making it a heaven for cross country skiers and adrenaline seekers. This European country is highly developed and is blessed with a high standard of living. The wine produced here are globally famous. If you are planning to visit Greece, read on to find the top cities which are a tourist attraction.

Four Tourist Cities in Greece:

Academy of Athens1. Athens

Long known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, Athens holds a special place in Greece and in world history. It is the capital and the largest city in Greece. It is home to ancient structures such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites Acropolis of Athens and Daphni monastery. A visit to Greece is incomplete without a visit to Athens. It also boasts of the National Archeological Museum, which features the oldest Greek antiquities alongside the Acropolis Museum.



2. Thessaloniki

The capital of Macedonia, Thessaloniki has a special status in Greek history. It is an important commercial and economical centre of Greece and in some cases is referred as the cultural capital of Greece. The place has a rich history spanning 2300 years and it is reflected in their architectural structures. Thessaloniki even has a mention as the World’s best party place. Greece package tour providers help you to include Thessaloniki in your itinery.

Patras3. Patras

Patras, the lesser known cousin of Thessaloniki, is known as the European platform for hosting the largest and the most boisterous carnival festival. It even rivals Brazil as the carnival capital. Ancient structures related to the Greek and Roman era litter the Patras landscape. The region has its own Patras Carnival which includes huge satirical boats and parades. The pleasant Mediterranean climate adds to the allure of the region. It has a rich history spanning over four millennia and was an important region since then. Holiday packages to Greece will be incomplete without taking a stop at Patras.

Heraklion4. Heraklion

Heraklion is a major archaeological excavation site boasting of ancient ruins which are still visible today. It is a heavenly abode for ancient structural lovers. The panoramic harbor and warm climate make it an ideal hotspot for vacationers. Many professional Greece holiday service providers make it a point to give their patrons a tour of Heraklion.

The above four cities encompass the whole cultural and heritage aspect of Greece. Visit Greece for a memorable experience.

About the Author

Abhinav Kumar is a freelance Content Writer, who writes Travel related Blogs and Articles like Bali Tour Packages and Japan Tour Packages.

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Beach Holiday Destinations in Europe

Countries in Europe are very popular holiday destinations. Either winter or summer holidays, Europe has much to offer. It has great beaches, temperate climates and good selection of resorts that cater to any kind of holidays you want. There are a lot of famous beaches all over Europe that are very ideal to a wonderful beach vacation. Here are some places in Europe with famous beach vacation destinations:


There are several beach vacation resorts in Spain located mainly along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. You may also choose to go to some islands in Spain located at Majorca. They are very popular and you will have a great beach vacation at a reasonable price here.

If you don t want too much crowd during your beach vacation, you may choose to go to Cadiz. This golden sandy beach at Cadiz has a serene and rustic quality. You may also tour around the city of Cadiz and see its ancient quality from its local historical attractions, architectures and designs.


FranceThe Biarritz Beach at the Basque coast of France is sunny and has a mild weather which is perfect all year round for those who want to take a beach vacation. Biarritz has a Spanish influence so expect a great cuisine and design in the place. There are also several attractions near Biarritz Beach that you can visit and local shopping places to buy for souvenirs.

Another popular beach vacation destination in France is the beach at St. Tropez. This beautiful beach has a tropical weather that makes it a great destination for a beach vacation. There are also chic clubs for you to visit and enjoy at night that will erase the thought of boredom in your stay at St.Tropez.


The Larvotto Beach has a beautiful and sunny weather. This beach caters mostly to the wealthy and glamourous, making it ideal for a luxurious beach vacation. You can enjoy eating in its fine restaurants and have a great time at its classy clubs.


Most tourists that visit Croatia go to coasts especially along the Adriatic Sea. It has an extraordinary coastline and the popular beaches at Croatia are those atSibenik, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Zadar, the National Park Brijuni Islands and the National Park Kornati . You can enjoy the beauty of the beach or go scuba diving. If you are yet to learn scuba diving, there are a number of beaches that has qualified instructors to teach you.



GreeceThe small island of Mykonos in Greece has varied atmospheres that makes it good for any kind of vacation family, friends, or romantic getaways. You can enjoy some water activities here or just have a relaxing time under the sun. The local restaurants here will give you the taste of the classic Greek cuisine that you will totally enjoy.

These places are just some of the most popular ones for the beach bums. They should be on your list if you are planning to take a beach vacation to Europe.

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Where To Cycle And Be Safe In Rhodes

RhodesThere are those of us who never leave their bicycles behind when we go on holiday. When you visit Rhodes Island in Greece, do not fret over where you will cycle your wheels as there are so many of such places at your disposal. You cannot just stop cycling because you are a visitor to this place yet it is your favorite pastime. Fear no more as you pack your bicycle for this trip


Rhodes Island is a suitable holiday destination for all kinds of reasons as has been proven over a long period of time. Have you heard of Kavalada before? This place serves the perfect place for a cyclist who is concerned with his or her safety. The temperature here is just too friendly for any type of activity. Even the summer season is not harsh on the people who stay in this place as the temperatures are conducive. Well those who cycle much know how unbearable it sometimes becomes for cyclists. There are conditions that you would rather sit under a shade than ride your bike. The case here is absolutely different as there is no time of the year that would not be able to ride that lovely bike of yours.


The terrain here is quite conducive as it is generally flat thereby making you use less energy when cycling. Those of us who have had the experience of riding in areas that are hilly know what it means. Here it is all fun and enjoyment as you ride all over the place with the much desired ease that is difficult to come by in many holiday destinations across the world.

Your safety

When you go out with your bicycle, your concern is usually on the level of safety you have access to. This place only has a small population of people mainly relying on tourism thus they will always treat you with respect. Most of the locals are farmers and heavily rely on tourism to add on to their income. The people here are hospitable and will always welcome you in their midst. The factors stated can actually go a long way in ensuring that you are assured of your safety when you go out on holiday and choose this location as it will provide you with everything you need to ride.

Cool breeze

With a cool breeze flowing to your lungs, pedaling will only be a minor task as you watch how nature might have favored this place. Kavalada is a small place but the ambiance that comes with being in this place is just beyond the ordinary. Here, going out will always be a pleasure and none of the visitors will want to stay behind in their place of accommodation. Just check that your tires are inflated properly and step out into the beautiful world where seasons don’t have any meaning at all.

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