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UK_Airport_GuidesUK Airport Guides (Bonus Issue)

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t-Minus TV Series

t-minus Logot-Minus is a TV series project exploring the craziest things to endeavor on International layovers on a budget. We want you to be a part of our journey!
“Have you ever sat in an airport for way too long waiting for your next flight? We are two Europe-loving travelers who make the most of every moment, whether that be a five hour layover in Lisbon or three weeks in Croatia. We are doing it all.

On June 9, 2014 we take the trip of a life time, touching down in Stockholm, Sweden to hit 15 countries in four months with a tent, a backpack and a lot of desire to see this amazing world we live in!


We started thinking about how two travelers on a major budget could utilize their time and t-Minus Countdownmoney and visit as many countries as we could. And it hit us: LAYOVERS.

But we don’t want to just pass through these places. We want to feel the grass beneath our feet and the salt in our hair. We want to meet new people and explore new cultures. We travel to experience life as something that deserves more than a 40 year desk job. We can’t live to be locked up in one city, but rather rich with the memories of countries. We want to see places until we are full of their spirit and life and move on to soak up more. We want to lie under stars and swim in every sea and tell these stories one day to our eager grandchildren.

But how can we really see these places? That’s where we need the help of the readers, the travelers, the wanderlusters, the backpackers, and the locals. If you are a traveler or a local in the areas we are stopping in, come explore with us! Be our guides and show us around to the best pubs or street food! We want to use social media as a platform to meet locals and other travelers in these locations and really see these places, as opposed to just visiting them.

We travel to take chances, start romances with new scenes, and dive head first into any and all adventures!”

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10 Things We Can’t Travel Without

The excitement of getting away is as much fun as being away for many of us. However, in all the excitement we can forget to pack our holiday essentials.

So the question is what are the things we just can’t travel without? Well, here’s a list of the top ten items according to the internet’s travelling community…

1. Mobile Phone

Whether it’s to keep in touch or just for emergencies, it’s good to keep in touch.

2.A Camera

To record those memories forever don’t forget your battery charger and a spare memory card!


The perfect soundtrack to our travels most of us just can’t travel without an i-pod or MP3 player!

4.A Good Book

While away boring delays at airports, or escape in the sunshine on a golden beach a good read is the perfect way to relax.

5.Credit Card

Just to be on the safe side!


So there’s no urgency to find a cash point or change over travellers cheques.

7.Travel Guide

Whether it’s back packing, an exploring city break or a far off adventure most travelers can’t leave home without the ultimate guide book. Get to know the local culture, places to go, things to see or just where’s good to eat and drink.

8.Travel Plug

For everything! Battery chargers, hair straighteners etc.

9.First Aid Kit

For any minor scrape, blister or worse.

10.A Pen

Keep in touch the old fashioned way.

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London Travel Guide – FREE Download

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London Travel Guide

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London City Guide

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