Cut Your Wifi Costs Whilst Travelling Within Europe

TravelWifi LogoTravel Wifi is an Irish company setup in July 2013 with the aim of removing expensive data roaming charges for people travelling abroad. Our Wifi unit has 99% population coverage in Ireland, UK, Italy, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. We are also planning to expand to the U.S. in the next 3 weeks, followed also by Australia and New Zealand.
Their business started with a simple idea: avoid data roaming charges when travelling abroad. The service comes in to help the traveller avoid data roaming charges completely while staying connected anywhere and at any time. They provide Wifi solutions to anyone travelling abroad, whether it is a family holiday, a business trip or just a city getaway with your special one or your friends, Travel Wifi offers mobile internet solution on a short-term rental basis targeting anyone on the road.
How the service works
The process to avail the service is straightforward, the only equipment needed is a laptop / PC / smartphone or any WiFi enabled device. The first step is to visit the website , choose the package plan that best fits your needs, provide the necessary payment details and sit back while the product is delivered to your doorstep or why not to your hotel’s reception desk.  The service as already mentioned is based on a rental set up, so part of the process is to send the device back once the service term has expired. When they deliver the product to the customer  a return envelope is provided with the stamp included so the only thing left to do is to place the product in the envelope provided then drop it in the post box.

Range of packages and prices
The package plans on offer are flexible, and designed to suit the needs of everyone who travels, whether you are a businessman, a family group or a couple. There are  four distinguished packages on offer:

The White Package ranges from 3 to 5 days, it provides 3GB and it costs €39.00. To give you a rough idea, according to AT&T on average, with 3GB you can send/receive up to 4200 emails with attachments, 36 hours of streaming music, 600 web pages visited, 570 social media posts with photos, 5 hours of streaming video and up to 42 apps/songs downloaded. I think 3GB is more than enough to keep you busy during your 3 days trip.

The next package plan is the Green Package ranging up to one week rental, it comes with 10GB and it costs €59.00.
The Emerald Package plan runs up to two weeks and comprises of 20GB and the price is €69.00. The Gold Package provides 4 weeks rental service with up to 45 GB and it costs €89.00.

As you can see they offer tremendous data bundles, so far none of their customers have exceeded their limits on on their packages from the very start the company always wanted their customers to enjoy surfing on the internet and share their experience with others during their journey without being worried about their phone bills.
Product features
The wifi device is lightweight, it fits the size of your palm and it is easy to carry anywhere. You can drop it in your handbag or in your pocket and stay connected to your own Wifi anywhere you go. It connects up to 5 devices (smart phones, tablets or laptops) simultaneously and it provides high internet speed of 21 Mbps. It also comes with T3i technology which offers up to 20% more upload/ download speed compared to non-T3i devices. Even in the worst signal conditions or congested networks. Its battery life lasts up to 5 hours and if you happen to be on the road driving to your next destination and the battery is almost gone don’t worry, we have thought of that, the wifi device comes with both car and wall charger and also a USB cable.
Advantages of using the service
When roaming in Ireland or other European countries, a visitor from within the EU will typically be charged €0.45 per MB of data used, so that’s €450.00 per GB. A visitor from outside the EU can be charged €0.99 per MB, that’s €999.00 per GB. Our smallest package for €39.00 comes with 3GB !!!
Future Plans
They have a few big projects that the company are hoping to accomplish in the next few months, one of them is to sign distribution deals with an airline. They also get involved in many exhibiting events, last one was at the ITOA (Incoming Travel Agents Association of Ireland) conference in March as we plan to align their selves with a number of tour operators within Ireland and abroad.

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