Travel Tips for Europeans Traveling to the World Cup

Rio de JaneiroWhich nation harnesses the greatest footballers in the world? The answer varies greatly by who you ask, and where you ask. It’s truly great when the FIFA World Cup rolls around because fans can finally take the conversation from the local pub to the global football arena. Europeans are used to competitive sports greatness by having four of the most prolific football leagues in the world right with Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and BundesLiga. However, this years World Cup is hosted by another football frenzy nation hailing from South America. In just a few short weeks the eyes of the world will be upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as the home team tries to take down defending champions Spain, and many other adversaries. Travelers and tourists from all around the world are packing their bags in anticipation to make the journey to the iconic city to witness the games first hand. So for those fortunate enough to make the trip, here are some essential tips to ensure you have the time of your life.
Getting Around

Games will be played all throughout the Brazilian coast, and while it might seem like short distances on a map, it is quite the opposite. For those planning on moving around the country and not just in Rio, book flights NOW. In fact prices for domestic flights in Brazil are expected to get so high that a quick thirty-minute flight from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo is expected to cost around 300% of standard retail. For the more patient and adventurous traveler Brazilian bus transportation is proven to be an effective way to travel. Most chances you’ll make friends (or enemies) with the other thousands of football fans making their way throughout Brazil on the bus system, just remember not be too rambunctious while on the long-distance bus rides for previous travelers noted that the bus driver will kick you off, even if you’re in the middle of no-where.

What To Do Between Games

If you’ve spent the better part of your savings buying a round trip to Brazil for the World Cup, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not enjoying all it has to offer. Take some time between games to explore the many wonders Brazilian culture has to offer. Looking for a quiet place to escape from the football madness? Relaxing with a cold beverage in the historic mansions of cobblestoned Santa Teresa can be great ways to recover from a brutal loss, or celebrate a last minute home-team win. For those seeing beautiful views look no further than the 710 meter hike up Corcovado mountain for a breathtaking view of Rio de Janeiro along with the iconic Christ Redeemer Statue standing with outstretched arms. No visit to Brazil would be complete without a visit to one of its famous beaches. Copacabana will most likely extremely crowded, but definitely still worth your time. Half naked beach goers, perfect sand, and ocean waters at the perfect temperature, you’ll completely tune out the sound of those obnoxious football horns.

Most international travelers carry the stigma of being a naïve target for locals to take advantage of, but that won’t be you! If you follow the news then its no secret that Brazil is going through some political turmoil at the moment. Visitors coming from abroad should be aware of this and consult with locals before traveling off the grid. Furthermore, it is expected that many tourists trying to beat the surge of high prices on accommodations will turn to Brazils infamous Favelas or “slums.” This is highly dangerous, and should not be a real consideration. Brazilian government has taken great measures to clean up the Favelas, but crime still persists, and we’d put money on the fact that the locals will take advantage of the absurd hotel prices. Aside from the standard travel safety precautions of concealed money, and only use of public transportation (hitchhiking in Brazil is not recommended), a safe cautious trip should be easy to accomplish.

Remember not to forget your friends left behind watching the World Cup from their homes and pick them up a nice gift. This is possible with an easy to use online Duty Free shopping platform A football souvenir, gift card, or a nice bottle of liquor would definitely help ease the animosity towards you for being able to attend the World Cup. So follow our tips, enjoy your trip and don’t forget to cheer on!

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